About Us


Akhada TRT is more than a place where high performers come to be their best.

It’s a place with old morals and ethics of traditional Indian Akhada amalgamated with modern workouts and techniques.

Since inception in 2021, we have focused only on 1 thing- promoting good health & healthy life style, specially among the young INDIA. We are in of the largest single floor gym in central India with all essential amenities required to craft your body.


We also exist to end the misconception that slim body is good or healthy body is unfit. Just like every soul is different, human behavior is different- even the body requirement is different.


Akhada TRT is a friendly place run by 3 buddies, all coming from different backgrounds having just 1 thing in common- infatuation towards workout and healthy living.

Come, meet us here and see for yourself- 1 of the most unique gym of Madhya Pradesh.